Harry Brakelé, Maarssendorp (The Nertherlands)
The last couple of years have put Utrecht and nearby villages on the map of long distance. Only a few really dominated the results. One of the most outstanding ones is Harry Brakele.

Marcel Sangers, Zutphen (The Netherlands)
Reaching the top is one thing, staying there is another. Especially for small fanciers, with no more than about 20 widowhood cocks. With absolute sensational victories over the last years, Marcel Sangers has definitely earned his place in pigeons Hall of Fame.

Curtis, Wall, Lunt & Green (United Kingdom)
Right from the start in 1981, the Curtis Wall & Lunt team wasted no time claiming first prizes. They were soon recognised as a champion team with many first prizes being won in Club, Fed and Open competition.

Peter van de Merwe, Dordrecht (The Netherlands)
the youngest phenomenon of Dutch pigeonracing reached almost everything there is to aim for in Dutch pigeon racing. His name is always mentioned with the deepest respect in the pigeonworld
Nico van Noordenne, Hardinxveld (The Netherlands)
Writing pigeon history in The Netherlands is only reserved for a handful of fanciers. Nico van Noordenne is such a fancier, as from the 1980's on he is in the National spotlights.

Ferry van Loo, Zutphen (The Netherlands)
In the Zutphen Fed you have to face the toughest of competition, existing out of topclass fanciers competing on national and international level. Competing against big names like Marcel Sangers, Eijerkamp and Sons, Bertie Camphuis, winning is no question of luck, but shear class.

Verbree partnership, Putten (The Netherlands)
There will probably be no other fancier in The Netherlands that raced on such a high level for so many years as the Verbree partnership. Their super collection of birds, from which the majority is based on De Klak blood, keeps on winning big.

Gerard and Bas Verkerk, Alphen a/d Rijn (The Netherlands)
Over the last years no Dutch fancier has been as successful as the tandem of father and son Verkerk. With tremendous results they made it to the highlight of not only the National fancy press, but even the International press.
Harm Vredeveld, Coevorden (The Netherlands)
Pigeonsport on a phenomenal level, for many decades, has been the story of the life of 53 year old Harm Vredeveld of Coevorden.
Cornelis and Gerard Koopman, Ermerveen (The Netherlands)
The father-son partnership Cornelis and Gerard Koopman are exceptional fanciers, that list top results with top pigeons; they are the cream of the crop in Dutch pigeon racing
Bertie Camphuis, Eefde (The Nertherlands)
A Living Legend: In 1967 Bertie came in touch with pigeons for the first time. His father was a good pigeon fancier and when he became ill, young Bertie -who lived close by- took care of the birds.

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