On this site you will find these fanciers:

Gerda & Koop Kiekebelt, Drijber (NL.)
Long distance with passion (T.Tekst Limoges 2008)
Jaap Koehoorn, Veenendaal (NL.) results 2005
You can discribe him as unbeatable, all-round, craftsman, top, etc.

First Prize Pigeons Breeding centre, Erp & De Bilt (NL.)
Top birds from only national winners with DNA guarantee
Leo Snel, Utrecht (NL) Complete new site 
Two day races are his favorite 
Gaby Vandenabeele, Dentergem (B)
5 National and over 62 Provincial victories.
Ad Schaerlaeckens, Baarle-Nassau (NL)
The Dutch Superstar at Middle Distance


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