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At Wontergemstraat 72 in Dentergem lives Gaby Vandenabeele. Dentergem is a little town between East and West Flanders and became famous accross the borders because of pigeonman Vandenabeele. Since 1988 Gaby won 5 firsts National and more than 62 firsts Provincial. Impressing!
Pigeonmen who visited Gaby Vandenabeele for the first time were always surprised not to find there huge lofts as is so often the case with champions like him. Also in his most succesful years Gaby did not behave  like a star but stayed who he was: Modest!  He and his wife Christine take care of about 50 widowhoodcocks, 30 breedincouples and 120 babies and a handful of so-called pumpers.
The lofts in Dentergem.

Gaby Vandenabeele has always been succesful on all levels and in all categories.Yearlings, 2-years-old, Old birds, Youngsters, 100 kilometers or 800? For this champion it makes no difference! His stars just win one first after another and one championship after another. Though it must be said that Vandenabeele has a preference for Middle Distance and One Day races.

In Belgium people still race for money, very often for much money, and those people who know Gaby know he likes pooling. He puts in much money and often wins very much money. And this can only be achieved with birds that win topprizes. That’s why Gaby is always searching birds that win, preferably with headwinds and a speed of 1.200 meters per minute. They must be birds that win in real tough weather and once Gaby has laid hands on such birds they are put in the stockloft immediately. That’s what happened years ago to ‘Wittenbuik’. Apart from 4 firsts it also won many more topprizes.

All kinds of everything.
The widowhoodcocks in Dentergem are mated end of November or begin December 1. The first eggs of the stockbirds are going to the widowhoodcocks and their hens.
The 50 widowhoodcocks are divided into 2 teams. Every team is prepared different and raced every 2 weeks. The great advantage of this system is that in a smash only half of the birds are in the race. A German saying is: ‘One should not put all the eggs in the same basket’.  

fotos: Peter van Raamsdonk