Having now raced pigeons for 50 years, with I may add with a lot of success. I do not mean club racing but in all england competition, against all comers. Now I for one do not believe there to be any concrete proof that eyesign in a pigeon makes it a winner or a breeder. What eyesign is, really only a theory, as is many other fads that fanciers try to conjure up, most of the time to make a profit from gullible fanciers.

What the eye will tell you is the health of the pigeon. Note, when you visit your doctor the first thing he looks at is your eyes, not to see what the eyesign is but he can tell if the patient is ailing.

My friends the only thing you need to win with pigeons is, the origin, the best you can get, patience, your own expertise. Then after all this, the basket will tell you how good the pigeons are. If this was not the case, I must say to myself, how have I won for so long in the strongest competion I can fly in.
If eyesign is the be all and end all. all I can say I must be a  very lucky fancier indeed.

Best regards to all, Steve Patrick of Patrick Bros. England. 

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