I do not think eyesign holds any merit, we all breed a type of pigeon which we like, and this leads to the eye following a family line and we cull those which dont fit . I had a very good cock bird with 18 first prises, when taken to a eyesign show he never took a card, when the judge was asked his worth he said he had poor eyesign and would not make a good bird. I told him the bird had 18 first prises, he still said he was a poor bird.Also I had a bird which did take prises in a eyesign show, but never won a prise in racing? So make of that what you can.People who breed dogs and horses never look in their eyes , only for signs of health. Do human runners have good eyes are some better than others , some are blue some are green and so on . The only way to find a good bird is the basket.


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