From a beginner American..."eye sign"

I am just a beginner and will be flying my first season this year.  So question:  "If eye sign is so important, then certainly it must be consistently found in all performance champions, no?"

Forgive me if I seem ignorant or simplistic, but as a dog breeder, it seems aggregiously (spelling?) obvious that if there was one trait that was clearly evident in a winning specimen, then we would all have or seek those specimens or producers of those specimens.

I tend to believe in the philosophy of an elderly American flyer who is a retired
coal miner.  When I asked him last year about "eye sign", he told me that,
in terms of racing, the only sign he believed in was the $ sign.  Or said another
way in the performance dog game, the good ones are where you find them.

Personally, I lump the "eye sign" theory in a voodoo class with that theory of
those who feel they can determine the sex of a pigeon by swinging a magnet
on a string back and forth over the birds head.  One pigeon fancier told me he can also determine the sex of the bird in the egg by this method.  One might wonder if the sex of the person handling the pendulum magnet might influence whether the magnet swings in a circle (indicative of a hen) or in a straight line back and forth (indicative of a cock).  On some young birds this system proved unreliable; results speak loudly to me.

So much for my two cents worth...forgive my impertinence of being so opinionated
at such an early stage of my education in this arena.  

In another arena, I still can't figure out whether Islam, Catholicism, Judaism or whatever is "the right way".  So I move on to areas where answers are more obvious to rocks like me, like in birds.  The race results tell me more than anything else I can think of.  Over time, performance seems to be a better indicater than anything else.  But then I am only going by a sense of practicality and wd rather leave the theorizing to others with more time on their hands, the arm chair experts, if you will...

"The Saint"

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