I'm only going into my second year as a A.U member and flyer. Us new flyers have a lot to learn and we need to sift through a lot of pigeonpie. My own idea is lissen to the good old boys of Holland that have proven flying & Breeding Records.What is up with the little feathers under the wing. Look for them to be dark and look like they have been cut straight. Breed a Right tail pigeon to a Left tail Pigeon. Breed a slanteye to a standing eye. The pupple of the ybs will be strong again my openion. A ovel egg is a Cock bird a Round egg a hen again my openion. This is the way I see things. It does not mean I am correct. But my birds fly verry good and there body frames are strong. The eyes of most of my young are circles. The eyes of my birds are various colors. I do not spell good but maybe this can help some one.  Written by Woundering Where Loft's 

                                            Darla & Stephen darlastephen@tillanet.com 

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