Eye to believe in eye sign, cause I have seen good excellent pigeons that won races and breed winners and children breeding winners and they do have an eye on them. . And I do agree that once looking at their eyes and looking at a cull's eye . The difference is there. In 1998 I moved in to a new house and build a new loft. So I was selecting my breeders. I tried experimenting my birds and breeders. Breeding Birds out of Culls and breeding Birds that shows potential of having a good eye,. I would tell you that I did not care what family of pigeons they are out off. I simply put them by the color and structure of each pigeons eye. Out of Two pairs of Culls and Two pairs of good eye birds. I Took two round each out of the four pair and found that when I began training I started loosing the birds that are cull in the first 65 miles and I have 6 (eye sign Birds left ) and only(2 cull birds left). Well the first race at 160 miles I have 6 of 6 left in the Eye sign birds and 3 of those birds are on the Top 15 birds clocked ; and the two Cull birds did not even made it home 4 hours later from the race. The next week I send the same 8 birds back and I got 6 of the eye sign birds home and I only got 1 of the cull home and was 55 minutes late. If theory's are not there why is there different prices of pigeons for sale. Performance is the best way to start in getting good birds. But I will not knock off an eye man , or a wing man, or a beck pulling man just because they select there birds differently. And if pigeon flyers thinks that its not what the pigeons have, then maybe we should stopped buying expensive pigeons to flyers that flys a system such as young birds darkening or light system or an old bird specialist that flys widowhood. Maybe its not the birds we should buy but the Technique they used to get that bird to win a race or two. I know An old Time Flyer in my Combine that can not fly young birds at all and hate to fly young birds, due to the time and effort that other flyers put on them to win, Maybe because for the past 14 years that I have flown in that combine he never flown good in young birds at all. But  wait when it comes to his Old birds and his wodowhood cock, He is more eager and cannot wait to get the season started and beat us bad on the races. 

Just my opinion 


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