Eye sign response by Aubrey de Meyer 2000/07/18

In South Africa we also have the group of " Eye Specialists " in the racing game. I agree with the writer that it will have to take more than the average explanation and convincing to me to proof that the eye is the major point to evaluate a pigeons possible performance as a race winner or not. 

I can imagine the major sport events of the world each have their own eyespecialist scanning the new comers to the sport to correctly in advance determine the perfect sports man.

Some years ago there were some Homeopaths practitioners who studied the old eastern healing practice of signs of body ailments in relation to signs of the eye. It could be adapted from that practice.

What happened to skills, fitness and condition?. If I may throw a log onto this camp fire I believe that the following three points count when it comes to pigeon racing sport.

  1. Fitness of the pigeon. It can only become so fit and not fitter.
  2. It must be in a healthy condition. It can not be healthier than healthy.
  3.  Be bread of champion stock. With all the physical characteristic's of a true champion.

The eyes of all animals do not experience the same stress conditions as that of humans and that is why you don't find pigeons or eagles for that matter flying around with spectacles.

I must agree that some eye's are nice to look at but if that plays a role ??? I don't know.

I recently took up the pigeon racing sport. It is my intention to make a study of the so called eye sign.

Im glad that some one put his head on the block on this subject in an attempt to kill this insignificance subject.

Aubrey de Meyer

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