I myself am a eye sign guy, the real problem with eye sign is everyone has there own Ideas of what to look for much like all the other
things and opinions on widowhood, wings, backs, vents ect,But there are those who DO KNOW the answers and WHAT to look for. I didn't believe in eyesign a year ago but have been taught some things by a fellow that believes and races using it and is very successful, Dave Rodgers and REALLY have noticed since that using these believes in my pairings this year in my stock loft that there is a Big difference in the quality of eyesign in my young birds.There is another very well known fellow that has written a book many years ago that also Knows what to look for and has been a great help, Bob Fleming. But there are others that don't know or worst yet think they know what to look for in eye sign, some even have !! WAY OUT!! believes that with some studying one soon knows that the fellow is a little well!! DIFFERENT!!!. All I can say is there REALLY is truth to eye sign but you have to learn from those most experienced in it, much like wanting to fly the 500 mile there are fellows that Know how to do this and THEY DO VERY WELL AT THE DISTANCE theres no point asking the short distance flyer how to race IT .Then there are those that don't believe in eyesign and criticize everyone that dos,but I know if they spent a little time trying to learn a few things they would change there minds, there are things I've learnt that you can notice right off the bat in the eye signs of your Very best racers and breeders. The bottom line here is I don't criticize those who don't believe in eye sign,why criticize those that do, 
GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE regardless of your believes and

Bill Shuba (wtshuba@accesscomm.ca)

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