Eye sign response 2000/12/10

Eye sign well there's a thing.


If the pigeon has two. or even one ( for breeding purposes) it'll will do for me.
I know eyes reflect, express feeling etc. 'The look that kills'  'So sad' take the Labrador dog.
 If eye sign was interpreted here one of the cleverest, full of stamina, etc. dog would be extinct.
As for eyes of pigeons seeing so well, what's that got to do with Eye Sign ?
Anyway when high up in the air pigeons can see for miles on end.... yet look at the losses occurred even from 5 to 10 miles! Where they could undoubtedly see their loft!
We pay heed to the Belgium's / Dutch masters etc. yet they don't take any notice of eye sign.. or strains for that matter.No if one gets amusement from the eyes so be it.
But there are more pigeons lost with good eye sign every year than the year previously,  THERE must be for there are more and more bred and lost ever year, on account of 'Eye Sign'.
    And why is it that so few have no more than 2/3 'Aces' in their loft?
After all, if 'Eye sign' was  valid, then the more able would simple buy the 'better eyes' and have a loft full of 'Champions'.
 It would be so simple and easy.
Look at al the 'Families' of 'Champion' pigeons eyes.... they're more numerous than the shapes of the golden sunsets.
Our Roly
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