Eye sign response by Jim Brown

It seems this guy writes a lot of verbage to discount true eyesign benefits. In one respect he is right... 90% of it is dollar and ego driven. Then there are a select few true advocates of sign that have gone beyond the gibberish about speed lines, clusters, etc. and dealt with fact only. The Bieches, Pobors, and several select others would gladly put their flying & breeding accomplishments on the line with this particular non-advocate.... who I'd wager, would look pretty sad by comparison.

Bottom line is that Pobor is able to back his particular theory up with smashing results. His birds perform well for all who get them, and in several countries... all based on selection using eyesign! Can the author make the same claim ? No. But neither can a lot of eyesign authorities around the world basing theories on all sorts of stars, clusters, lines, etc. So our author has a partial point to be well taken. If every eyesign theory was gospel where are the lofts full of champions in those theorists' colonies of birds, and where are the outstanding flying records?

Pobor raises exactly the same point... and proceeds to furnish records that back up his theory. Those records continue to grow. He further challenges the doubters to put birds in direct competition and see the results... to date there are no takers. If his particular theory is worthless as articles like this contend, why haven't the doubters accepted the challenge?

The sport has always entertained theories about wing, feet, feathers, and other elements that winners must have and carried with it a certain share of advocates, which, by the way, raced themselves into obscurity. It is the nature of flyers at large to criticize and discount any innovation. In this instance, with several of these eyesign people they could and likely are dead wrong.... because the two aforementioned flyers can back things up with performance records and to my knowledge they are the only ones to be able to make that claim.

I believe there is validity to eyesign correctly used.

Jim Brown 

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