Eye sign response by Aubrey de Meyer 2000/08/10

Since Pigeonsport.net placed the article on the eye sign I did some research into the subject and find a possible solution to the role that the eye do play in the pigeon.

The eye plays a integral role in the pigeons ability to find its home. The eye is therefor linked to the brain. This I believe plays a role in the pigeons ability to orientates itself on his way home.

The sun, moon and other factors such as the magnetic fields of the earth must be analyzed by the pigeons brain and eye as a combination.

Yes, it is also a fact that the eye do play a major role since the early years of the competitive pigeon racing and I would say it is because of the above normal ability of the pigeon eyesight. Possibly ten times better than that of a human.

It is therefor obvious that some pigeon will be better equipped to see better as other pigeons in certain light situations. It is therefor argued that the pigeon with a lighter eye color such as the " pearl eye " will perform better when the light conditions are poor.

The hypothesis is that due to the color of the eye the mechanism of of sight is situated in the light reflection and white is the color that have the heights reflection ability.

In recent research it was discovered that in the brain of the pigeon behind the eye is a strong longish type of iron enriched region. Based on this discovery I would say that the orientation the pigeon on magnetic fields make perfect sense.

I would also say that the intake of mineral iron products is of critical importance. If the there is a strong strong inheritance factor of this ability I would say it is better.

The most important factor of the eye by inspection should be to determine the development of this iron sector of the brain.

Overall, this issue still needs to be researched in to detail and backed by proven facts.

I would rather consider the following: 
a The feathers and the structure of wings etc.
b Mussel development, well developed chest and wing connection.
c Clean developed airbags and lungs.

This is how far I will ad value to the eye of a pigeon. Other than that I will stick to my bloodline of performers.

Aubrey de Meyer 

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