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I admit to being one of the Doutbting Thomase's when it comes to eye sign theory. It appears to me, when studying the photographs of "winners" that every pigeon that wins a race, when photographed after the event, experts will tell us that it has an amazing eye etc. In fact it seems as though any eye is a good one  if the bird having it happens to win a race. If there were maybe only a half dozen 'classical' eyes that denoted a good pigeon, whether it be breeder or racer, I could perhaps go along with the theory. With the present vast and ever expanding range of 'good eyes' where almost anything goes there is no way that I can accept the theory as any more than that, just another 'unproved' theory. What effect does being odd-eyed have? There have been and still are, some very good pigeon carrying odd eyes. Further, what does the eye of the Fancy pigeons or 'streeters' tell us. Within that group of birds there are some amazing eyes - yet many of them would be lost just flying around the loft. My theory - as long as amongst other things,it has two eyes and a big heart it is more likely to be successful than one having just a few pretty patterns in it's eye.

Enjoy your racing, what ever your thoughts on eyes are.

John E Surridge

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